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Common Lead Capture Form Mistakes

Ineffective forms directly impact your business' revenue

Distracting Landing Pages

Most websites do not focus on the lead capture form resulting in lower customer conversions.

Asking Too Many Questions

Lead capture forms are meant to be simple and to the point not complex with many steps

Expensive to Build and Iterate

Building and maintaining fast, secure and beautiful lead capture forms takes time and costs

Poor Lead Tracking Experience

Most tracking processes are manual or use expensive tools to effectively manage leads

Convert Your Leads to Customers

Easy go from idea to effective form within minutes

One Question at a Time

FluxForms keeps users engaged by asking only one question at a time – easy to understand and completely distraction free.

Choose The Right Question Types

Choose appropriate question types for your lead capture forms to help your leads fill out your form effortlessly

Iterate Based On Form Analytics

Use data to help drive the quality of your forms which will directly impact conversion rates and increase business revenue

FluxForms Features We Know You Will Love

We're constantly building features to enrich your experiences

Sentiment Analysis

Leverage Sentiment Analysis to understand your customers sentiment effortlessly

Partial Responses

Get access to form responses that have not yet been submitted by your customers

Custom Branding

Give every form it's own personality or theme it based on your brand.

Website Embed

Embed forms into your website and get a fast and on brand experience

Build effective lead capture forms today!

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