Powerful Form Analysis for your FluxForms

Gain powerful form analysis for every form you create without any effort. Consume data through beautiful charts and easy to understand stats.

How it Benefits Your Business

Automated Form Analysis

We run analysis for every response you receive so that you don't have to

Countless Hours Saved

FluxForms helps save you precious time so that you team can focus on whats important

Focus on Taking Action

Take action immediately rather than losing out time and potentially customers

Take Data Driven Decisions

Use our dashboards to help drive your business using data and not assumptions

FluxForms in Action

Let's take a look at how it works

Comprehensive Form Response Management

We've designed our form analysis interface with an intuitive form response management tool to help you focus on what's important. Access all your responses along with partial responses with ease

Easy to Digest Dashboard

Understanding large amounts of data through beautiful charts or industry standard metrics helps make it easier – access data such as NPS score, drop off rates, completion rates, etc

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