Sentiment Analysis to Know How Your Customers Feel

Leverage Sentiment Analysis to get a deeper understanding of how your customers feel about your products

How it Benefits Your Business

No AI Skills Are Required

We've designed the feature so that anyone can easily use sentiment analysis for customers

No Complex Infrastructure Setup

You don't a team to setup and maintain complex AI infrastructure

Insights into Customers Behaviour

Gain deeper insights into your customers that you would have otherwise missed

Extremely Easy to Get Started

There's no complex setup or hidden costs involved – just flip a switch to start

FluxForms in Action

Let's take a look at how it works

Flip a Switch – That's it.

Yes. It's that easy – Flip a switch to enable the power of sentiment analysis through powerful machine learning models

Gather Sentiments at Scale

FluxForms scales with your customers and surveys – responses go through our NLP models to get you accurate sentiments

Charts to Make it Better

Charts are the best way to consume large data – especially here. Quickly know your customers' sentiments at a glance

Get to Know Your Customers Sentiments Today

It's Free And No Credit Card is Required