User Friendly Forms to Engage Customers

Keep your customers engaged through user friendly forms to encourage them to fill out surveys and provide you valuable feedback.

How it Benefits Your Business

Get Higher Conversion Rates

A clutter free form filling experience is more likely to get better conversions

Easy to Fill For Customers

Our forms are dead simple – one question at a time. It's easy for customers of all segments

Mobile Friendly and Fast

FluxForms is built to be mobile friendly and of course run blazing fast at the same time

Works on Every Platform and Device

FluxForms works across all devices so that all your customers can be accessible

FluxForms in Action

Let's take a look at how it works

One Question at a Time

FluxForms shows users one question at a time. This keeps their screen clutter free and encourages them to fill out the whole form.

Use Any Question Type

Present your customer with the appropriate question type to get the most out of your survey.

Themed to Your Brand

Each form is fully customisable to your specific needs – this gives your forms a more familiar look and feel

Engage your customers with user friendly forms

It's Free And No Credit Card is Required