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Google Forms is a powerful and user-friendly tool for creating surveys and collecting responses, but it does have some limitations.

Some of the main limitations of Google Forms include:

  • Limited customization options: While Google Forms provides a variety of pre-designed themes and templates to choose from, the customization options are somewhat limited. You can't customize the layout or design of your form beyond the available options, and you can't add custom CSS or JavaScript to your form.

  • Lack of advanced features: Google Forms doesn't offer advanced features like logic branching, which allows you to show or hide questions based on the respondent's answers. This can limit the complexity and flexibility of your forms.

  • Limited reporting capabilities: Google Forms provides basic reporting tools that allow you to view the results of your survey, but the options are limited. You can't create custom reports or perform advanced analysis on your data, and you can't export your data to other tools for further analysis.

Overall, while Google Forms is a useful tool for creating and distributing surveys, its limitations may make it less suitable for complex or advanced survey projects. Try FluxForms as an alternative to Google Forms to overcome all the limitations while having all the features of Google Forms.

Comparison with Google Forms

Features Google Forms FluxForms
Charts for Analytics
Form Dashboard
Partial Responses
Sentiment Analyis
Time to Fill
Responsive Support
Form Analytics
Customer Drop Off
NPS Score
Form Stats
Self Email Notification Complex Setup
Custom Branding Limited
Unlimited Forms
No Code Builder
Website Embed

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How FluxForms Works

We've designed FluxForms to be intuitive to learn and fast to iterate

No code form builder

Go from plan to survey or questionnaire using our easy to use form builder – quickly iterate and send out forms to your customers – All this while saving precious time

Intuitive Response Management

Managing responses efficiently can be a game changer. FluxForms provides you a helpful yet powerful way to manage your responses

Deep insights with Form Analytics

FluxForms makes understanding large amounts of data easy – Gain deep insights through powerful form analytics and beautiful charts so that your team can focus on understanding the data

Lots More Powerful features

We're constantly adding features you will love

Sentiment Analysis

Leverage Sentiment Analysis to understand your customers sentiment effortlessly

Custom Branding

Give every form it's own personality or theme it based on your brand.

Partial Responses

Get access to form responses that have not yet been submitted by your customers

Website Embed

Embed forms into your website and get a fast and on brand experience

Customer Drop Off

Know exactly where your users are dropping off in your surveys to fix issues

Analytics Charts

Our Form Analytics helps you understand your data visually rather than plain numbers

NPS Score

Further your customer experience through data provided by NPS Scores

Time taken to Fill

See how long a customer takes to fill out a question and optimise your surveys

Email Notifications

Get notified by Email when there's a new response.


Organize your forms into different workspaces for a hassle-free experience.


Manage your responses and take action within FluxForms.

AI-Powered Templates

Ask AI to generate the questions for you and save time.

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